Have several of these brand new in the box. Or can take one in the photo that is mostly complete. Have the rest of the pieces to complete if you would like it assembled. Selling on Amazon for $299.
Brushed nickel base, glass body with white shades, less than 2yrs old very good condition
2 end tables lamps, brushed nickel base with glass body. And white shades, less than 2yrs. Old
Brand new from bath and body works

Beer taps

Beer taps. Make me an offer
ALUMINUM CUSTOM CRAFT Call my cell (513) 739-4546 Ask for John The "Leaf Catcher" is $15.00 each. Less if by quantity. 3in. X 4in. Large Leaf Catchers are $22.00 each. Less if by quantity. Note from the inventor: I have field-tested the "Leaf Catcher" for over twenty years. Please understand what the "Leaf Catcher" was designed to do. I designed it to keep out small particles of ...
Come see my U.S. Army store. Designed by a U.S. Army Disabled Veteran. Satisfaction Guaranteed. www.zazzle.com/usarmyshop/wooshy?qs=wooshy&pg=1
Never used, still in the original box. You will need to pick it up.
Great condition. Front glass door, top load with fire screen for open operation. Like new with gaskets and new coat of heat coat.
Like new wood stove. New gaskets and front glass.
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